Sinotruk Howo NX Technology Attack To Create A Gold-Absorbing Tool For Coal Transportation

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With the beginning of large-scale coal winter storage, the transportation of coal resources has entered a critical period, and it is a good time to create wealth for the truck friends who are engaged in coal transportation.However, the continuous low freight rate and high oil price are also the challenges for the coal road transportation industry. In response to the needs and pain points of coal transportation scenarios, Sinotruk fully utilizes the technical advantages of leading companies in the commercial vehicle industry, and the HOWO NX sub-mother coal transportation vehicle achieves cost reduction and efficiency improvement by innovating the "vehicle-on-vehicle" operation mode. The excellent performance of fuel saving, comfort, safety and reliability has won the trust of truck users. Recently, it has been delivered in batches to customers all over the world, helping more and more truck users to efficiently create wealth.

Specially made for coal transportation, important position on the market

Recently, 50 HOWO NX sub-mother trucks were delivered to a transportation company in Shijiazhuang in batches. The excellent quality of the Howo trucks, the customized truck purchase plan and "family" service plan of Sinotruk, perfectly fit the development needs of the company's resource transportation business sector, won high recognition from customers.

"Liaocheng major customer HOWO NX sub-mother car delivery ceremony and tasting meeting" was successfully held in Chiping, with professional and detailed product explanations, multiple gifts broadcast, and "Howo fuel-saving heroes" on-site sharing, let truck friends who came to participate in the event felt that their trip was worthwhile, and the number of on-site subscriptions reached 267 units.

At the same time, HOWO NX CNG gas tractor was delivered to a large logistics and transportation company in Shihezi area, Xinjiang, and successfully completed the batch delivery. Sinotruk Howo NX series coal trucks, relying on the advantages of "integration of sales and service" with extraordinary product strength and family services, have stood at the important position in the coal transportation market!

Department of famous door, tempering excellent condition

The HOWO brand, which was born in 2004, is the ingenious work of Sinotruk. The 90-year profound background of Sinotruk determines that the HOWO brand is born excellent. Since the first generation of HOWO was born, it has created the peak of domestic heavy trucks and gained the reputation of "King of roads".

With the continuous progress of Howo brand, more excellent products continue to emerge, and HOWO's advantages such as high efficiency and reliability, extreme fuel saving and other advantages are vividly displayed, and the reputation has skyrocketed, becoming the leading wealth creation tool in the truck circle. With its extraordinary brand strength, Sinotruk Howo continues to lead my country's heavy truck industry to the world's advanced level,to help the high-quality development of China's logistics industry, Haowo NX has achieved great success in the coal transportation segment, which is one of the best arguments.

Technology provides the optimal solution to coal transportation

As a special and rich tool for coal transportation, Sinotruk Howo NX sub-mother truck starts with cost reduction and launches an excellent operation plan of "truck-back truck". On the outbound journey, the "child and mother" two vehicles carry goods at the same time. After unloading, the mother vehicle "backs" the screwdriver for the return journey. With high-speed axle charging policy, not only save car tolls, fuel consumption, and reduce the maintenance cost of truck loss, solve the problem of unilateral empty load,but also solves the waiting time for the return delivery, and effectively guarantees the quantity of goods transported, which can be said to serve multiple purposes. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with Sinotruk's exclusive high-efficiency power chain, and with a 0.49 ultra-low wind resistance cab, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 2-3L lower than the industry average. Create wealth by heart, based on the annual operation of 150,000 kilometers, it can save 182,000 per year!

After talking about the "save" of the HOWO NX, let's talk about its "money" ability. The vehicle is equipped with Weichai's exclusive customized power for Sinotruk, with the highest thermal efficiency of the same model, power as high as 460 horsepower, peak torque of 2100N.m, high-efficiency power all the way; matching MAN technology drive axle, stronger bearing capacity and more reliable; On the one hand, the vehicle adopts new technology and new technology, scientifically reduces the weight by 136kg, the self-weight of the sub-truck is only 7.7 tons, and the height of the whole vehicle does not exceed 4 meters.

Entering and leaving the coal loading and unloading yard can be described as coming from the ashes and going into the soil. It is also in the sweltering heat of the season, and coal transportation is comparable to "hard work". While helping truck users to reduce efficiency and, Sinotruk  has always been committed to allowing truck users to enjoy the beautiful transportation experience brought by technology. HOWO NX sub-mother truck has a luxurious and elegant appearance design, which makes the driving more attractive. It adopts a large-area windshield design, which has a smaller blind spot, a wider field of vision and higher safety. The interior adopts European-style flat floor design, equipped with aviation seats, four-airbag shock absorption system, comfortable automatic transmission and constant temperature air conditioning, which are comparable to luxury passenger truck. Driving the HOWO NX sub-mother truck, there is no embarrassment in coal transportation, and you can enjoy all the way.

Facing the pain points of the industry with innovation, guarding the transportation journey with technology, and blessing the wish to create wealth with quality, Sinotruk continues to deeply cultivate market segments, and provides better solutions for high-value logistics and transportation with technology + innovative solutions. To save the capital and earn money, the Sinotruk Howo NX sub-mother truck will help coal transportation enter a new era of worry-free wealth creation!




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