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Draw Bar Full Trailer


Product description:

20ft Skeleton Double-trailer with Two-axle

20FT Full Trailer is a versatile and reliable mode of transport. The trailer is designed for stevedoring and transporting loose cargos. It can be used to transport a wide range of cargo, from dry goods to refrigerated products to hazardous substances. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for both short and long distance journeys. With its advanced safety features, it provides safe and secure transportation for goods.

Product Specification:

DimensionLength: Approx 13,284mm
Width: Approx 2,480mm
Height: According to customer’s choice
King Pin Location:
Front: Approx 500mm from the front face of the front bolster
Rear: Approx 500mm from the front face of the front bolster
Axle spacer:
Front: Approx 6154mm+1310mm
Rear: Approx 3460mm+1310mm
King Pin Height: According to prime mover
(The above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification. )
WeightTare Weight (Tolerance 0~-4%):
Front: Approx 4,000 kg
Rear: Approx 3,500 kg
Max. Payload: Approx 60,000kg in total
Gross Vehicle Weight: Approx 77,500 kg
Steel StructureMaterial: High strength low alloy steel with (Q345) 350 MPa yield strength is used for
welded I-beam and (Q235) 235 MPa yield strength is used for the fabricated parts .
OEM Parts ConfigurationKing Pin: 2” or 3.5”  bolting king pin. Brand: JOST. One for each trailer.
Landing Gear: 2 speed road side winding with sand shoe, Type: GOLDEN STONE. Static Lifting capacity 80T. 2 units
Suspension: American type Under Mount mechanical suspension with 8 leaf spring(90mm width, 16mm thickness).
Axles: Fuwa 13 tons capacity. 2 axles for front, 2 axles for rear.
Rims: 8.25-22.5, 10 Holes ISO,17 pieces
Tires: 11R22.5, 17 pieces, Chinese famous brand , choose by the factory.
Brake System: Dual air brake system, WABCO relay emergency valve, with ABS system.
Brake chamber: Type 30/30 on both two axles.
Electrical System: 24 volt lighting system with modular wiring harness,7 way ISO receptacle infront of the front bolster. Chinese standard . No E-mark and SAE certificate.
OthersSpare Tire Carrier: Equipped two sets per chassis with one spare tire.
Side Guard:Standard
Tool Box: Equipped one set for each
Painting: colored by customer’s request






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